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If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to find the right bottle of wine, been unsure which wine to serve with that fancy new recipe or perhaps just found yourself staring at row after row of wine bottles before going to a dinner party then you’ve found the right place. If you’re not sure of the difference between a rioja and a barolo, or perhaps can’t tell the difference between a cheap red wine and a dark full bodied vintage then look no further.

Not everyone is a Wine connoisseur and so the Wine Experts Guide exists as a consultation guide for the rest of us. It serves through our experts reviews, red and white, sweet and dry wines, old world and new world wines, giving you the vocabulary to describe them, their appropriate pairings, recommended recipes and even a beginners guide to making wine, so all you need to do is enjoy them.

Latest Reviews

Kumala Reserve Shiraz 2012 Kumala Reserve Shiraz 2012

A smooth, medium bodied wine with warm spicy aroma’s, hints of of ripe forest fruits, supported by dark mocha and cherry to give a long lingering finish.

Vineyards World Wines Malbec Vineyards Argentinian Malbec review

Dark ruby in colour with aromas of plums and figs. This Malbec is packed full of mulberry and warming spice flavours, with a long smooth finish.

Garden Route Shiraz – 2013 garden route shiraz wine review

This is a rich, smooth red wine made from Shiraz grapes. With its seductive dark fruit aromas, it is both an elegant and inviting Shiraz

Latest Articles

Morgan Stanley and the Wine Drought that Never Was Wine Production Shortfall

The internet has been awash with claims that 2013 will see a shortfall of Wine driving up prices, the reality was bad data and expert manipulation at the hands of Morgan Stanley

Wine Tasting with Human Cheese! Cheese and Wine anyone?

A Wine Tasting with a difference, Dublin Science Gallery offers an evening of wine and human cheeses to promote awareness and discussion about synthetic biology. Personally we’re not convinced!

Wine that’s Cool for Cats Wine for Cats

Only in Japan could such a product come to market, I think. Well either way they’ve done it, the company who brought us beer for dogs now has wine for cats, unfortunately they don’t seem to be particularly interested!

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