5 Springtime Wine Snacks – Wine Pairing

Spring wine snacks

The rejuvenating feeling that spring brings shouldn’t just be limited to the weather. Soak up the longer hours of daylightby indulging in some spring snacks accompanied by wine perfect for the season. Stuck in a rut when it comes to snacks? We asked a couple of restaurant consultants for tips on switching the wine menus to match the lighter season, and for tips on switching the wine menus to match the lighter season, and creating easy snacks to match. Try one of these colorful, palate pleasing alternatives. Below are some good ideas of springtime wine and snack pairings.

Make the most of seasonal vegetables by arranging an assortment of crudités to munch. Zucchini, radishes and carrotswould all be excellent and colorful additions. Accompany vegetable munchies and dip with a dry white wine, like PinotBlanc, or any other sparkling white wine. For extra flavor serve a light balsamic or spinach dip with the vegetables andcrunch away.

Put together a spread of brie with fresh raspberries and homemade pita chips. This lovely and satisfying snack will taste delightful with Cabernet Franc, a softer fruity wine. The combination of flavors and textures will be a crowd pleaser for any party or gathering, and is easy to whip up on short notice.

Whip up some deviled eggs. For a bit of extra pizazz, try them sprinkled with green onions and paprika. This snack will pairwell with a dry Rose wine. A sweeter wine such as this will complement the rich, creamy eggs nicely. This snack is filling and the protein rich eggs will give you plenty of energy for the evening.

Try a twist on the classic grape and cheese spread by putting together some juicy pears with cheese. These nibbles will mesh well with a lighter red wine such as Pinot Noir. For cheese choices try a Camembert, which is mild and will bring outthe flavor of the fruit.Grab some avocados, lime, jalapeño peppers and a bit of yogurt or sour cream and make some guacamole to enjoy with aglass of unoaked Chardonnay. The flavors in this versatile white wine will go nicely with almost any snack choice, including the richness of avocado. Pick up some tortilla crisps or crostini for the guacamole, and you’ll be set. Any of the snacks above makes a great after-work treat. Move the happy hour to your living room, or entertain friends at apre-dinner cocktail hour with these indulgent snacks and sips.

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