How Wine Is Made

Wine Grapes

The wine making process has long been known to man, longer than our earliest records can yet reveal, there is even evidence of the domestication of the vine in the Near East as early as 3000 BC and it was well known to the Greek and Romans empires. Wonder no more how wine is made!

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Do Wine Glasses Make a Difference?

wine glasses

We hear all the time from wine enthusiasts that the glassware we enjoy our wines from is as important as the wines we buy but is there anything to it. I was very skeptical but honestly the answer is yes, a resounding yes! That’s not to say you need to rush out and acquire 6 different glasses you can select one in the middle.

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Signs You’re Probably Not a Wine Snob

are you a wine snob

Taking the time to enjoy a nice glass of wine doesn’t mean that you’re a wine snob but you may find yourself being identified by one among your group of friends. Find out if you are!

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How Many Calories are in a glass of wine

Cake Calories and Wine

You’ll probably be surprised how many calories are in a glass of wine. Drinking a large glass of wine is the equivalent of eating 4 cookies, why? Because alcohol has 7 calories per gram this is more than sugar which has only 4.

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Beginners Wine Tasting Guide

Wine Guide

Fear your wine drinking friends no more and embrace your inner sommelier with the expert wine guide introduction to wine tasting. Enter this exciting world!

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Moscato d’ Asti: The Finest White Wine

Asti Wine

Moscato d’Asti is an Italian wine that is produced in Asti, a province in the north-west Italy. It is a sparkling white wine, which is sweet in taste and has low alcohol content. The wine is made from Moscato Bianco grape and this wine is a major ingredient of Cocchi Americano.

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Top 5 Las Vegas Wine Destinations

Wine Bars in Vegas

Are you a major wine fan? Then you’re in luck. Las Vegas has some of the most renowned
wine bars and restaurants in the entire nation, many boasting a plethora of vintage and highly praised wines from all over the globe.

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Is Red Wine Good For You? – The Health Benefits of Wine

Health benefits of red wine

It seems too good to be true that some of our favorite things fall into the “good for you” category – dark chocolate, naps, and (hallelujah) WINE! Indeed the health benefits of red wine have been a hot topic in recent years and Tasting Pour is often asked . . . What are the benefits? Is red wine healthier than white? What about grape juice? There seems to be some confusing information available with everyone weighing in from Wikipedia to the Mayo Clinic. Let’s start with the more reliable source. According to the Mayo Clinic, alcohol in moderation is believed to benefit the heart in the following ways:

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A Beginners Guide to Wine

Begnners guide to wine

If you are new to the magnificent world of wine, its boundless variety of flavours and rituals can seem somewhat overwhelming but once begun, the exploration of this wonderful world is likely to become the most exciting journey of your life. Like all beginners you could probably do with a bit of guidance on its initial stages of buying, serving and tasting wine. The following advice will identify the gaps in your knowledge, develop important skills and help you take your first steps in to this ancient world.

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What is Wine Oxidisation – Wine Expert Guide

oxidised wine

Young red wines typically benefit from breathing, along with a smaller number of whites. When exposed to air for as little as 15-20 minutes the wines will begin to improve. Wine decanting the process by which wine is allowed to mix with air, the wine warms opening the wine’s aromas softening the flavour profile and in the case of red separating tannins until overall flavour characteristics improve.

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