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Why Drink Spanish Wine?

Spanish wine is perhaps the most misunderstood old world wine, often viewed as poor quality due to the large quantities of cheap wine found across the globe but there are many Spanish wines well worth exploring. Learn why not all Spanish wines are created equal!

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Felton Road: A Winemaker Passionate About Organics

Felton Road

Felton Road is a winery unlike most, a new world winery embracing the ‘Terrior’ of the land in a way not adopted by the most traditional old world winery. Fine out more here at Wine Experts Guide

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Pros & Cons of Monthly Wine Clubs

Wine Clubs

Joining a Wine club can be a great way to learn a little more about wine, discover wines you’d never have tried and even save a little cash if you do it right. Get the inside scoop on Wine Clubs

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Emerging Wine Markets in the USA

American Wine Making

American wine gets a bad review in certain circles, particularly by so called “experts” convinced that cultivating a wines “terrior” is more important than the process of wine making but this perception is slowly shifting. Discover the emerging US wine regions at Wine Experts Guide today!

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Choosing Wine for a Night In – Instant Wine Expert

Choosing Wine

Choosing the right bottle of wine isn’t easy, get some helpful hints and tips at wine experts guide and learn to find the right wine for any occasion

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Is this Wine Fit for Cellaring?

Cellar Worthy Wine

Determing if that bottle on your wine rack is one for cellaring or one for storing can be a tricky task but there are some simple ways to find out. Learn how to spot a keeper with Wine Experts Guide.

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The Taste of Wine Tax – What Does a Bottle of Wine Actually Cost

Wine Tax

What most UK drinkers don’t realise is that for any wine under £5 less than half the price goes on the cost of the wine inside. The remainder goes to the Tax man one of many so called Sin Taxes. Learn more with Wine Experts Guide

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A Brief History of Californian Wine

California has an interesting history as a wine growing region, todays guest poster will give you the basics so you’ve got something interesting to say over that next delicious glass thanks to Wine Experts Guide

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5 Springtime Wine Snacks – Wine Pairing

Wine Pairing Snacks

We asked a couple of restaurant reviewers for some quirky wine pairing ideas for the spring season. They came back with a few simple and yet delicious ideas which can be whipped up for guests or a relaxed evening in with your favourite bottle of wine!

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Pursuing an Education and Career in Viticulture and Enology

Become a wine Expert

The growing of grapes of grapes and production of wine, also known as viticulture and enology, is a centuries old practice. Wine itself was considered a holy, and had representations in many mythological pantheons, the most famous of which, Bacchus,

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