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Cork vs Screw Cap – Is there a Future for the Corkscrew?

Wine Rack

The day of the lowly screwcap may well be upon us for despite fierce opposition it is gaining ground fast. Learning how wine oxidisation and Trichloroanisole (TCA) are pushing Spain and Portugal’s cork production industry to its knees with Wine Experts Guide today.

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The Barolo War Tradition vs Modern Markets

Barolo Wars

The Barolo war was a resistance from more traditional winemakers to the adoption of more modern process, while both sides have merit and there is room for consideration of both points this traditionalist argument over the Wine making process is far from insignificant. Learn about the Barolo wars at Wine Experts Guide.

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Wine Experts Taste Things Differently – So Should We Trust Them?

Wine Experts

Wine Experts are known for having heightened taste sensitivity when it comes to wine but is there more to it? Learn with Wine Experts Guide Today.

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The top five vineyards to visit in Australia

Australian Wine

Australia has a reputation for low quality beer, high quality sports and a fondness for barbeque’s some would fine alarming and yet your average Sommelier would agree many of the most interesting new worlds hail from this region

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What is the Fixation with Ethically produced Wine

Discover ethical wine

Of late people have started to take an interest in Green & ethical wine but what is it, is there a taste difference? Does it really safeguard to Earth and is it going to make a difference if you change your consumption? Find out more and become a Green wine expert with today’s guest post.

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Top North Georgia Wineries to Visit

Georgia Vineyard

When it comes to visiting vineyards the old world captures the imagination and new world vineyards are often overlooked, this is a mistake not to make as many emerging vineyards are not only idyllic beauty spots but gaining a lot of attention for the quality of their blends. Discover three fantastic locations to tour and go wine tasting in North Georgia with Wine Experts Guide

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How To Taste Red Wine – Identifying Wine

Types of Red

It can be daunting finding yourself in the company of wine experts faced with a bottle of red. Let Wine Experts Guide show you the four simple steps to tasting wine like a pro and identifying your wine preference!

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How Wine Is Made

Wine Grapes

The wine making process has long been known to man, longer than our earliest records can yet reveal, there is even evidence of the domestication of the vine in the Near East as early as 3000 BC and it was well known to the Greek and Romans empires. Wonder no more how wine is made!

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Do Wine Glasses Make a Difference?

wine glasses

We hear all the time from wine enthusiasts that the glassware we enjoy our wines from is as important as the wines we buy but is there anything to it. I was very skeptical but honestly the answer is yes, a resounding yes! That’s not to say you need to rush out and acquire 6 different glasses you can select one in the middle.

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Signs You’re Probably Not a Wine Snob

are you a wine snob

Taking the time to enjoy a nice glass of wine doesn’t mean that you’re a wine snob but you may find yourself being identified by one among your group of friends. Find out if you are!

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