How Many Calories are in a glass of wine?

Calories in a glass of wine
There are more calories in a glass of wine than you might think. The reason is that alcohol has 7 calories per gram this is more than sugar which has only 4 calories per gram! A sweet wine may have fewer calories than a dry wine one because the highest calorie wines are usually those with the highest alcohol content. A 6 oz glass of 15% wine has around 175 calories. So care should be taken and attention paid.

The Unbelievable Calorie Content in Wine

As anyone who is dedicated to a weight loss program can tell you, you should always take time to check the calorie content of what you are eating. What most forget is that you should not only be checking the calorie content of the food that you are taking. It is recommended for you to check the amount of calories on the beverages you drink throughout the day. In this article, you will find a comparison of the calorie content of wine to other beverages such as coffee.

Wine vs. other alcoholic beverages

Many people prefer drinking wine because they mistakenly believe that it contains fewer calories than other alcoholic beverages. In comparison to other alcoholic drinks wine actually contains the same number of calories. It is not true that it has fewer calories so why would doctors recommend drinking wine over other alcoholic beverages?

Wine contains 150-200 calories per 6 oz serving. This varies by colour, abv (alcohol by volume) and the brand because some types of wine are specially made with fewer calories. However, the calorie content still falls within this range. The reason why it is wine recommended over other alcoholic drinks is because of the amount that a single person typically consumes. The mindset when drinking wine is wildly different to for that which is adopted when drinking beer. Imagine drinking 10 bottles of beer in just three hours, now picture yourself drinking 10 glasses of wine over the same period. The reality is that pure alcohol being mostly sugar contains 7 calories per gram, consequently a glass of wine has the calorie count of 4 cookies, a bottle of red wine has around 500-600 calories. A Glass of wine has more calories than a pint of lager, which clocks in at around the same as a slice of pizza. All of which means a night out can add up to more than your daily allowance of calories. So while a beer may at first glance seem healthier than Wine remember you are unlikely to drink five glasses of wine in an average day. If you are going to compare like for like it is in your interest to stick to lager, but if you’re looking to reduce your calorie intake it is indeed better for you to settle down with a fine glass of Italian wine.

Wine vs. coffee

Here’s the thing, coffee is part of most people’s lives. Every single day, people drink coffee. Right now coffee is one of the largest markets in the world, which should come as no surprise if you have ever walked down your high street, or stepped into an office to find yourself surrounded by novelty mugs. On the other hand, wine is a beverage that most people could probably live without. People may just take a sip from their glass of wine before going to bed or as they eat their dinner. In this section, let us compare the calorie contents of these two types of beverages.

An 8 ounce cup of black filter coffee is equivalent to about 2 calories. By contrast a small Latte from a high street chain is as bad as an 8 ounce glass of red wine, each beverage being equivalent to 200 calories. This may sound shocking and unbelievable, but it is true. If you are dependent on either day to day you can see where half your calorie allowance is going.

Likewise when it comes to hot chocolate, wine has almost the same calorie content ranging anywhere from 200-320 calories/ 8 ounces. That hot chocolate on your way to work can certainly contribute to your waist line especially if you’re following it up in the evening with a glass of wine. The majority of people drink more hot chocolate than wine on a work day but that end of the day glass might just be pushing you over.

Weight watching Wine

As the figures given above demonstrate, drinking excessive amounts of wine can put you over your recommended calorie intake. If you are having a drink on the way to work, consider switching to black, and laying off the Latte’s and hot chocolates. After all type of beverage do you want to enjoy while striving to maintain your standard weight.

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