Signs You’re Probably Not a Wine Snob

are you a wine snobTaking the time to enjoy a nice glass of wine doesn’t mean that you’re a wine snob but you may find yourself being identified by one among your group of friends. Particularly if you insist each bottle aerate for half an hour before drinking it but there are a couple of ways to seperate an enthusiast from a snob.


1. You don’t insist on the right glasses

Any seasoned wine drinker knows that the wine glass does make a difference to how you enjoy your wine but most accept that the restaurant or home they’re visiting wont have the right glassware for the wine they are drinking. There are a small group of wine snobs who will howl at the concept of inappropriate glassware. If the idea of drinking wine out of a teacup doesn’t phase you then you can relax, You’re not a wine snob


2. You display your label

You proudly leave out that bottle of supermarket wine costing less than £5 on the counter for all to see. A wine snob would decant it quickly and destroy all evidence of a bottle not sourced from a specialist wine seller. If you’ve got an inexpensive bottle that you think is worth drinking go ahead and share.


3. You cool whites in the freezer

White wine should be served cool, we all know this but the correct way to cool it is to let it rest in a bucket with ice. For the lazy among us the freezer makes an excellent alternative, 25 minutes or so should be sufficient. Just make sure you don’t let it freeze solid as its not unknown for the bottle to shatter when the ice expands.


4. You don’t use your opener very often

The true oenophile (that’s a wine lover to you and me) will still shy away from screw-cap wines. Even though they make up the bulk of Australian and other New World wine seals for some even a rubber cork is considered a violation of the natural order. If you don’t know why your wine is supposed to be stored on its side (to stop the cork from drying out) then chances are high that you are an enthusiast.


5. You don’t own a waiters friend

While some flats rely on a butterfly or even a rabbit corkscrew for anyone who’s worked in a bar or anyone who has pretense of wine expertise to rival their local sommelier there is no substitute to the waiters friend (sometimes called the barman’s friend or barman’s helper). The sleek, minimalist design enables you to open wine with no effort or fuss, the purity of the design also means that I have never seen one break!


6. You freeze grapes to use as ice cubes for wine

No not really, although it is an interesting idea and I’d laugh if I actually saw it!


Odds are high that you already knew you weren’t a wine snob but if you ever find yourself in doubt, you’ve got the check-list courtesy of wine experts guide.

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