The top five vineyards to visit in Australia

Australian Wine

Although Australia is all about sun, surf and beaches, there are many other areas where Australia has a strong reputation and the wine regions which litter the countryside are well-known to new world enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs alike. With so many to choose from, where do you start? Here is a quick guide to give of Australia’s best wine regions.

Yarra Valley

Ok – so this isn’t actually a vineyard, it’s an entire region and I might be a little impartial because I used to live on the very edge of the Yarra Valley, but the truth is the wine in this region is absolutely second to none and that’s mainly due to the great climate that they have in this region, perfect for growing the finest wine grapes. The Yarra Valley is a popular location for weddings, mainly due to the picturesque views that you get, but on also makes a fantastic winery day out with some of the world’s finest New world wine.

Penfolds Vineyards

If you are looking for a really old-style winery then you shouldn’t look past what Penfolds have to offer, in fact this is arguably one of Australia’s finest as well as its oldest wineries. Penfolds have been producing great quality Australian wines for over 160 years and the Penford Grange line has achieved worldwide recognition going for between £250 & £400 a bottle. Renowned for sourcing great fruit from around the South Australian region, if you are looking for something with a touch of class then Penfolds could be the vineyard for you.

De Bortoli

De Bortoli is likewise one of the premier names in Australian wines and has a number of wineries across the country, most notably in the Yarra Valley, Dixons Creek and the Hunter Valley. A third generation wine company, De Bortoli have refined the art of producing a great quality wines and some of their creations are among some of Australia’s most notable wines. Special mention should be made of their Yarra Valley Estate’s cool climate wines.

Brown Brothers

Growing up in Australia I came to love Brown Brothers wines for their sweet and incredibly fruity taste and although I liked the Lexia the best, I know that the Moscato and Crouchen Riesling are among some of the most popular wines. Brown Brothers has a reputation for producing incredibly sweet wines which can be the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Based in Milawa, the Brown Brothers name has been run for five generations, with each generation refining and improving their products to produce the great wine that they do today several of which can be found at Tesco.

Tyrrells Wines

Established in the mid-1800s, Tyrrells wines have a long-standing reputation as one of the country’s premium wine producers and now have vineyards across the Hunter Valley as well as in Heathcote and McLaren Vale. Although they create a range of wines, their range of semillon wines and it is specifically their aged semillon wines that sets them apart from the crowd.

If you are heading over to Australia in the near future, it’s wine regions are not to be missed and if you are looking to soak up the lovely weather – and the Australian countryside – head down to one of the country’s popular wine regions for a tastebud experience that you won’t regret!

Paul James is a freelance journalist and travel writer. When he isn’t at home with his dog, Buck, he’s helping people with emigrating to Australia for the Emigration Group .

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