Chris Wilkie

Chris Wilkie is the founder of Track Weapon and an amateur wine enthusiast. An odd pairing but when he's not fixing cars he's sniffing wine.

Guest Poster

Wine Experts Guide accepts occasional guest posts where we feel they'll add value and interest to the site. If you'd like to become a regular contributor or even just offer a one off post then view our submission guidelines and get in touch

Jade Helm

Jade Helm is the primary author of Tasting Pour. She enjoys helping people explore wines whether they are simply tasty and affordable for everyday enjoyment, or worthy of cellaring. For those who want to understand wine in greater depth, Jade offers information about tasting terms, regions, wine making methods etc. Her expertise is evidenced by credentials from the Society of Wine Educators (Certified Specialist in Wine) and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (Diploma in Wine and Spirits). Find Tasting Pour on Facebook. Connect with Jade through LinkedIn or Google +.

John Fegan

John Fegan is a Founder of Wine Experts Guide and amateur wine enthusiast. His love of wine began as a child helping his father make his own, initially from kits but his curiosity about the chemical processes soon changed this leading to a variety of odd experiments. Having worked in a variety of hotels and restaurants in his youth John was reintroduced to the complexity of the wine world. Acquiring a cupboard of glasses and a wine rack his journey began.

Maria Polyakova

Maria Polyakova is the co-founder of WEG and main source of creative inspiration for John. Maria's own attachment to wine has its roots in the emotional memories of the happy times where she would share a glass of light red and all the secrets of the world with her dearest friend or split a bottle of playful white with her mates while singing to the guitar in the candle lit kitchen all night long. The core value of the wine culture thus lying in the socializing experience for her, Maria was delighted at the opportunity presented by WEG to promote her vision and help people discover the beauty and variety of the wine world for themselves.

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