Wine Reviews

Quirky Bird Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Nouvelle 2012

Quirky Bird Semillion Nouvelle

“This quirky bird blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semmillion and Nouvelle is packed with zingy citrus tang and refreshing crispness. Our Quirky Birds don’t like being cellared so drink while young, with friends and any foods that are light and fresh”

La Picoutine Carignan-Grenache Vin de France 2010

Red Wine Guide

“A soft, full-bodied and fruity red vine. Beautifully balanced with good length of flavour. Serve at room temperature. it can be drunk on its own, at any time with any food”

Quirky Bird Chenin Blanc Semillon Muscat 2012

white wine review

“This Quirky blend of Chenin Blanc, Semillion and Muscat is soft and fruity with masses of apricot and peach flavours. Our quirky bird don’t like being cellared so drink while young with friends and whatever spicy food you enjoy the most.”

San Rafael Merlot Central Valley 2011

San Rafael Merlot

“This wine is uncomplicated and easy-drinking and is made from the Merlot grape variety. Chile has great conditions for growing grapes and is capable of making some great wines at decent prices. This wine is easy-drinking, soft and juicy wine with lots of ripe plum and blackberry fruit.”

Piccini Supertuscan 2009

Red Wine Review

“Super Tuscan denotes a premium Tuscan wine which uses innovative blends to create a modern expression of this classic Italian region. Marked by aromas of bright cherry, red fruit and black plum which are echoed in the palette with flavours of blackberry and dried herb. The wine is Rich, full bodied and velvety with well integrated tannins and long, spicy finish.”

Ogio Pinot Grigio 2012 – White Wine Review

White Wine Review

“Our Pinot Grigio shows aromas of melon and citrus fruit. Well balanced with crisp lemon flavours and a refreshing hint of orange blossom.

Grapes were grown in north east Italy, and specially selected by our own team of wine makers.

Ideal with grilled fish, spicy food, chicken and salads, or on its own with friends and family”

Telegraph Station Pinot Noir

Red Wine Review

“This delicious Australian Pinot Noir is a fine example of the classic French grape at its best. Telegraph station Pinot Noir is a soft, warming red with flavours of raspberry, black cherry and just a hint of spice. It is the perfect accompaniment to pork, roast chicken and creamy cheeses.”

Rigal The Original Malbec 2012 – Red Wine Review

Cahors Wine Review

“The birthplace of Malbec is Cahors, Southwest France, where it has been appreciated for its legendary intense color since the 18th century. Formerly called Cot or Auxerrois, it was brought to Mendoza, Argentina by a Cahors winegrower: however the expression of its original region is incomparable. Soft rich and fruity; its character has been revealed in an exceptional way by RIGAL, established in Cahors since 1755. The wine has a firm structure releasing red fruit and spice aromas. Well-balanced and smooth with just a touch of vanilla on the palette, this full bodied wine ends with a clean, lasting finish. RIGAL has put its expertise in this unique Wine: The original Malbec.”

Beringer Zinfandel 2009

Beringer Zinfandel Review

“With beginnings in 1876 when Joseph Beringer founded his St. Helena winery, Beringer Estate has become the oldest continuously operating winery in California;s Napa Valley. Constant refinement of our wine making expertise has led us to developing the award wining classic Californian wines we’re known for”

Fairtrade Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 – The Co-op

Wine from Argentina

“Within the picturesque La Rioja Valley, Stretching from the Velazco mountain ranges in the east to the Andes in th west, lie the cellers of La Riojana wine co-operative. As part of a unique project supported by The Co-operative, this Fairtrade wine helps to ensure the farmers from Co-operative recieve a better deal for their grapes and improved standards of living. This Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon is a sophisticated wine with excellent oak integration from barrel aging and wonderful varietal character. Full bodied with succulent fruit spicy overtones and smooth firm tannins.”

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