Calloway Crossing Cabernet Shiraz Australia

Calloway Crossing Cabernet Shiraz Australia

From the Label
“Calloway Crossing is a place steeped in history, having been a natural meeting point for vineyard growers in the days of horse and cart transport. The name was given to the spot where the road running from the vineyards crossed the creek.

Style: A Smooth medium-bodied red wine with lovely flavours of ripe plum, black cherry and blackcurrant complimented by a touch of subtle oak.
Serve: At room temperature. This wine is a great accompaniment to sausages and mash or roast beef.”
ABV 12.5%

Not Quite A Steal at £5

Wine reviewer

I'll be brutally honest, it's not a great wine, a considerable step up from the Chardonnay but far from high quality. The Black Cherry fruits are somewhat complimented by the dark spiced shiraz but not to the original price of £10. Fortunately the wine is perpetually available at half price in a typical supermarket stroke of marketing genius.

In short it's a solid enough wine that works equally well with a BBQ or simple meat based dish but is far from steak ready wine. I wouldn't gift this or rack it but I might buy again for a relaxed evening while the sun sets.

An Incredibly Average Wine

I'm reasonably sure that this wine is never actually sold for £10 because anyone who spent that may adopt arson as a result. That's not to say it's actually a bad wine, I liked it and it earns a temporary spot on my wine rack but only because I bought 3 bottles at £3.50 each.

It would work well for a Gravy sauce or marinate but the label describes it best as a sausage wine. That's fine but with the "normally £10" label it really is trying to pass itself off as something it's not

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