Cepa Lebrel Rioja Reserva 2009

From the Label

“Cepa Labrel wines are the result of years of experience and dedication. Full of character, structure and body. We recommend decanting wine before serving. Once opened consume within 3 days. 1.6 units of alcohol per 125ml/9.8 units of alcohol per bottle.”

ABV 13.5%

A Steal at £6

Wine reviewer

I expected a very average wine given the £6 price tag but I was pleasantly surprised, don't misunderstand there is no disguising that this is a cheaper bottle but it's got a pleasant subtly spiced nose with a palate of strawberry and subtle oaky vanilla.

Not a bold wine by any stretch of the imagination but certainly something to pair with slow cooked lamb. Given the price it's not gift worthy unless you're on quite a small budget but it's worth keeping a bottle to hand for cooking or the impromptu barbecue.

An Bargain Wine

A delightfully pleasant bottle well worth sharing over a barbecue or relaxed dinner. This Rioja is massively improved by decanting for about 20 minutes before serving as it starts of rather tight but quickly becomes mellow and drinkable.

This is a bargain of a wine at £6, especially when you consider what's lost on tax for any wine sold in the UK. Realistically this is a £3 European wine but it stands tall against the average £5 bottle.

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