Corte Mayor 2009 Rioja

Corte Mayor 2009 Rioja

From the Label

“Coming from Bodegas Corte Mayor in northern spain, this regal wine is steeped in the heritage and beauty that is Rioja, Spain’s best known wine region and it prides itself on its high quality and distinctive style.

This Crianza wine is made from the best Tempranillo grapes, selected from high sloping vineyards. It has been fermented and aged in new oak barrels for one year followed by an extra year of resting in bottle.

The result is a confident red wine offering great balance of fruit and oak, an elegant finish and velvety tannins.”

ABV 13%

A Confident Wine?

Wine reviewer

I'm not entirely sure what the importer means when they call this a confident wine but it's definitely one to pick up and try. Smooth and very mellow this is hardly a tastebud shocking sensation. Starting light but becoming more full bodied its an easy drinking wine.

This Corte Mayor's a Crianza rather than a Reserva, meaning it's been aged in oak for a year, but this isn't an oaky wine, possibly due to these being new oak barrels. Either way it's a wine I'd happily gift as it's pretty good without being in any way exceptional making it accessible to the most inexperienced drinker . Pleasantly fruity this would pair well with mild cheese or a mild meaty dish such as lamb. Not quite wine rack material but one to watch out for.

Solid but Unexceptional Wine

Gabrielle Wine Reviewer

Pleasant but unexceptional is probably the best way to describe this, mild, fruity  and distinctively Spanish in a good way. It would be overpowered by any heavy meaty dishes or strong spices but would pair well with lighter Spanish dishes, or go great with a sociable tapas day out.

Not a gift wine but I would happily take it to a gathering of family and friends, keep it as far away from your wine snob friends though. I'd like to try this as a Resrva (3 years - at least one in oak) as although the label makes claim to oaking this is not relected in the palate. Definately one I would keep on my wine rack for a lazy day.

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