De Alto Amo Rioja Doca Spain

De Alto Amo Rioja

From the Label

“DeAlto Rioja fuses the treaditions and knowledge of a proud region with cutting edge winemaking practices to create a modern interpretation of Rioja. Utilising the Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes that have made the region justifiably famous, DeAlto undergoes minimal handling to preserve the essence of the Rioja style. Beautifully balanced, with succulent red berry fruit laced with Vanilla and hints of Mocha and Licorice,¬† DeAlto Captures the passion and tradition of a region that engages wine lovers all over the world.”

ABV 13.5%

A Delicate but Unexceptional Red

Wine reviewer

Offering hints of sweet red fruit and spice on the nose, and layers of balanced fruit and liquorice overlaid with mocha on the palette the DeAlto Amo Rioja 2012 is a pleasant but unexceptional bottle.

Its delicate and slight sweetness with a finish of spice  make this an ideal wine to enjoy with meaty pasta or barbecue. Worth sharing and even worth bringing to an evening meal but not a a BYOB or winerack worthy wine.

Delightfully Delicate

Maria Wine Reviewer

Despite being quite a delicate wine it holds its own quite well, I stumbled across this little gem in an Italian restaurant of all places. To my surprise it fared quite well against a heavy lasagne.

A spiced nose with well balanced fruity palette, this is far from a hearty red but definitely one to share. It's earned a spot on my wine rack for those either way evenings. It would never be the first bottle served and consequently not a wine for gifting but I might take it to a dinner party.

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