Echo Falls Merlot 2011 – Red Wine Review

Echo Falls Wine Review

From the Label

“Dark, rich and dashingly tasty, this Merlot hails from the Central Valley region in Sunny California and is a must on the dining table. Soft and dry with hints of ripe plums, black cherries and blueberries. it is perfect when paired with lamb or beef dishes. If you like our smooth & rich Merlot. Why not try our lively Echo Falls Shiraz?”

ABV 12.5%

A Rich Merlot

Maria Wine Reviewer

A fantastic wine for the price but I would have expected something a bit fruitier from a New World Merlot. Still easy to drink, low in tannin and a great wine to pair with red meat.

Although not rack worthy this is a pleasant young wine I would happily gift or take to dinner for my less discerning friends and it has the advantage of not needing decanted.

An Unusual Wine

Wine reviewer

With aromas of plum and cinnamon and a palate ripe with soft tannins I was pleasantly impressed with this Californian. Far from a fantastic wine but for less than £5 it is well worth trying. Not as fruity as a typical Merlot and not as smooth as the Australian Lime Tree but a pleasant low value example of the Merlot grape. I would pair this with a Beef Bourguignon or possibly Beef Wellington.

Worth a try but the Echo Falls is neither a gift wine nor a wine to age, unsurprising given the price.

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