Explorers Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2012 Review

Explorers Vineyard Sauvignon blanc

From the Label

“Selected yeasts, cool fermentation and early bottling have lent ripe aromas of gooseberry and honeysuckle to the nose of this wine made exclusively for The Co-operative by New Zealand Winemaker Matt Thomson. It has an intense, yet elegant, passion fruit and mineral complexity to the palate with a long rich Finnish. Serve chilled. Drink within 6 months of purchase.”

13% ABV

A Seasonal Glass

Maria Wine Reviewer

A fresh and crisp glass with distinctively zesty palate of grapefruit and lime that leaves a lingering tingle on your taste buds. This Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc would be perfect for a light summer dinner of fish and salad or for a relaxed picnic in the sun.

I would hesitate giving this wine as a gift on its own, but this would make a nice addition to an otherwise more substantial present for a light wine lover. A very seasonal wine I wouldn't keep on my rack, as it would be the last thing I would want to drink on a cold winter night. That said, I will specifically look for this wine the next time my friends invite me for a picnic or barbeque this summer.


A No Nonsense Wine

Wine reviewer

An upfront no nonsense Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region of New Zealands southern island, pale lemon green in colour with a clean crisp nose of elderberry and citrus leading to a light fresh palate of passion fruit with a lingering finish. A wine best served with a citrus-sy Thai curry or perhaps a goats cheese salad, not quite herbaceous enough to serve with stronger seafood though a light prawn dish would be well met.

As a rule I never gift supermarket ownbrand lines unless they are pretty exceptional but it's a drinkable wine that carries its alcohol well so I wouldn't shy away from serving it for a relaxed day in the sun. Not rack worthy, that honour goes to the NZ SB Sauvignon Blanc from the same region, but worth exploring nonetheless.


A Summer Wine

With a fresh penetrating aroma of melon and gooseberry and a zesty yet gentle palete of fruit this Sauvignon Blanc is the definition of easy drinking. A versatile wine that would work equally well with mussels or braised chicken.

That being said this is a simple summer wine that would fit better at a picnic than on the dinner table, quaffable as a it carries its alcohol well but be warned it could sneak up on you. Not a wine I would be inclined to gift but still a handy wine to have to hand, this Explorer earns a space on the lower left of my wine rack!

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