Firetail Shiraz Grenache 2012

Firetail Shiraz Grenache

From the Label

“Firetail Shiraz Grenache is made using only selected parcels of grapes from exclusive vineyards in South Eastern Australia. A deep ruby in colour, with intense aromas of redcurrants and juicy plum, this wine is mouth-filling and rich, with a touch of subtle spice on the nose and a long lingering finish. A perfect accompaniment to a hearty beef stew. Best served at room temperature.”

ABV 13.5%

Avoid This "Wine"

Wine reviewer

Two things annoy me more than I can express in words airquotes (like I’ve used here) and the bottles of cheap wine always left behind at a party. This was the later. It's a bad day when you skip a bottle of wine after a half a glass and open something else instead - in this case a juicy Man Vintners - and this was a terrible day.

I really have nothing nice to say about this wine, it has no nose, it has a palate of water and alcohol. I'm reasonably sure this was made with a solitary grape an old bucket, some sugar and yeast. If I ever find out which one of my friends brought this round I'll have to stage an intervention.

End Rant

A Disappointing Bottle

Wine Expert

I had the dubious honour of sampling this reduced section supermarket bottle and it unfortunately confirmed my suspicions. The big problem with being a wine lover living in Britain is luxury tax, producing a bottle of wine for £5 means that less than half the price goes towards the wine. The result is bottles like this.

It has a higher than average alcohol content and that's all you really taste, no intense aromas, no subtle spice on the palate. The only area where the label is honest is mouth filling, theis Firetail burns like cheap absinthe and should be left on the shelf.

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