Lateral Shiraz – Red Wine Review

Shiraz Wine

The label description
“Lateral are fresh, modern wines made from our favourite grape varieties. Grown in the natural beauty of Chili’s rugged mountains fertile plains and dramatic coast line. Lateral is the solution to the search for your new favourite wine

From Chile’s Valle Central, this Shiraz is jam packed full of juicy berry fruit and plum flavours, with a signature Shiraz black pepper twist on the finish. Perfect on its own or with grilled red meats or Indian curries”

Alcohol 12.5%

More Than A Little Overpowering

Wine reviewer

This is an harsh Shiraz which would overpower all but the strongest of dishes making most pairings difficult. This is not to say it's bad, were it to come in at a few pounds less I would be more inclined to recommend it. This is a clumsily simple Wine and I would be willing to enhance a Chili or similarly strong Mexican dish but I can't imagine who I would gift with a bottle of this particular wine.

A shame because Chile has of late developed a reputation for fine Syrah, which are often edgy and tannic however this has been over-oaked and over priced. I would not allow this near my wine rack.

Over Oaked

Wine Reviewer

This “Chateau Plywood” has been clumsily over oaked whatever imperfections were here to begin with are long since gone but leaving behind a wine only useful for cooking. Given the price tag I'm surprised a supermarket would carry this!

Suffice to say this is not a wine I would buy again and if i were unfortunate enough to be gifted with it would never be so cruel as to pass it on.

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