Lime Tree Merlot – Red Wine Review

Merlot Review

From the Label

“Hailing from sun-soaked South Eastern Australia, this Merlot is a fine example of Australia’s dual strengths of great winemaking and a superb climate. Opening with sweet mulberry fruit on the nose, this wine has instant appeal with flavours of ripe blackberry and plum, complimented with supple tannins. An approachable style means this wine can be drunk on its own or will be comfortably matched with most robust dishes and red meats”

14% ABV

A Strong and Fruity Red

Maria Wine Reviewer

A bold fruity wine with a distinctive taste of plum and high alcohol. I would cook with this bearing in mind that its powerful body would have a tangible effect on the flavour of the dish. This wine could be paired with a vibrant meal such as a chorizo pasta or a side of ribs.

This wine shares a lot in common with what the French call table wine, this is to say that while it does not earn a place on my wine rack and I would be hesitant to bring this out in company I would happily drink this again. A Wine to be enjoyed by a casual audience midweek but i don't expect to see this appearing on any high street wine menus

Table Wine

Wine reviewer

The word Merlot comes from Turdus merula or young blackbird, an apt description of this bottle -young and dark. Very sharp, drinkable and not terrible coming in at £4 but this is a wine to serve with cheeseburgers rather than steak.

This falls far short of cooking wine in my estimation and is a wine best left on the shelf.

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