McGuigan BIN 736 Shiraz Viognier – Red Wine Review

Red Wine Review

The label description
“Rich, full flavoured wines bursting with varietal character are the hallmarks of our McGuigan Bin Series. Handpicked from our finest vineyards, the small quantity of Voignier grapes in this wine lifts the red-berried aromas and softens the spicy Shiraz fruit. The result is an elegant wine with a velvety texture and a long smooth finish.”

“This wine is ready to drink now but can be carefully cellared for up to 2 years. It would make a great accompaniment to lamb chops or roast duck with plum sauce.”

Alcohol 13%

A Very light Red Wine

Wine reviewer

An incredibly light wine with a pleasantly spiced plum flavour with a strong hint of berries. A very drinkable wine that could sneak up on you. It would be a shameful waste to cook with this wine which i would comfortably give as a gift, so long as the occasion were not too special and the drinker not overly cultured.

This wine has earned a place on my wine rack as I could serve this to an audience more receptive to Rosé but this would not normally be my first choice having a developed a preference for pure red wines over the years. An incredible find as part of our £5 wine range. My only critique would be that for a very pleasant palatable wine it is gone all too soon.


Balanced New World Blend

Wine Review

A very drinkable blend of Shiraz and Viogenier with pleasant flavours of plums and a hint of spice but unfortunately little body. I would not use this wine for cooking as it would have a limited  impact on any dish however mild. Albeit this blend would complement a mild or mellow cheese such as Gouda or Butterkäse. In general I would not gift a wine under a fiver but the use of white wine Viognier grapes balance the harsher aspects of the Shiraz making this a suitable introduction to red wine for an audience typically more favouring of White or Rosé.

Personally I would not cellar, however briefly, BIN No 736. This new world wine provides a good introduction and is surprisingly engaging for a wine of its age, particularly given its price in a country burdened with unusually high alcohol duty.  That said it lacks the complexity one would expect from a Shiraz irrespective of region.


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