NZ SB Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand

From the label

“NZ SB combines the iconic flavours of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc into a clean and stylish look. Elegant and modern, NZ SB is the contemporary symbol for the classic region of Marlborough.

Aromatic and classy, this wine is full of gooseberry and passion fruit flavours. Fresh and zesty, with a long lemony finish. From the classic region of Marlborough on New Zealand’s South Island.

Ideally served lightly chilled on its own or with fresh shellfish and mildy spiced Thai cuisine. Drink this wine within two years of purchase , once open soncume within 2 days.”

ABV 12.5%

A Zesty White

Maria Wine Reviewer

My only other encounter with the Sacred Hill winery was a rather disappointing Pinot Noir they produced for Tesco but this delightful wine tips the scales back in their favour. A fresh and crisp wine to be shared on a girls night rather than one for pairing. A floral nose and a zesty surprisingly smooth wine that carries its alcohol well.

Not one I would store but this is a gift wine I'll be sure to pick up for a quiet night in, very impressive.

An Unusual Wine

Wine reviewer

A fragrant wine with delicate aromas of passionfruit and citrus with an explosive palate of zesty fruits and herbal notes. This Sauvignon Blanc has a depth and finish of a much finer vintage making it well worth gifting.

Probably not one I would add to my wine rack but definitely worth pairing with fresh fish if you're hosting. Definitely one for a lighter wine glass however as it oxidises quickly

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