Ogio Pinot Grigio 2012 – White Wine Review

White Wine Review

The label description
“Our Pinot Grigio shows aromas of melon and citrus fruit. Well balanced with crisp lemon flavours and a refreshing hint of orange blossom.

Grapes were grown in north east Italy, and specially selected by our own team of wine makers.

Ideal with grilled fish, spicy food, chicken and salads, or on its own with friends and family”

ABV 12%

A Low Quality Own Label Wine

Sarah Wine Reviewer

Tesco's own label Ogio Pinot Grigio is a low quality cheap wine masquerading as a quality bottle. Sorry to say but given the price tag, minimalist label and almost silver colouring led me to expect much more. Its crisp and well balanced acidity mean this wine would make a superb sauce but wouldn't be on my table.

Not one to gift or Rack, a poor quality wine , surprising given the usually high quality offered by Tesco own label such as their Quirky Bird line.

Ogio is an “own label” brand for Tesco. The wine is actually made by Botter, an Italian producer of vast quantities of low quality cheap and cheerful wine. Well, I use the term ”cheerful” but in reality there wines are anything but.

A Zesty White

Wine Review

I had flirted with the idea of this wine several times as it always seems to be on offer but had always walked past it. For the price I'm afraid i'll keep on walking. That's not to say it's a bad wine per se but given the range of fantastic wines coming in at less than £5 there are better wines for less.

Not a wine I would be likely to gift and certainly not rack worthy but it pairs well with and is compliments by a lemon chicken dish.


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