Ogio Primitivo – Red Wine Review

Ogio Primitivo

From the Label:
Our Primitivo is packed full of spicy blackcurrant and raspberry fruit favours with a rich velvety finish.
Grapes were grown in south east Italy, and specially selected by our team of wine makers.
Ideal with hearty meat dishes and tomato based pasta dishes
Or on its own with friends and family.”

ABV 13%

An Incredibly Medium Wine

Wine reviewer

An incredibly medium red wine. Ogio Tesco's own brand Pinot Grigio left a lot to be desired but their Primivito is a pleasant improvement. Nothing fancy but an easy drinking wine with fresh fruits and subtle spicy notes.

Not one I’ll be putting on my wine rack or taking to a dinner party any time soon but a solid table wine that will go down well with a subtle pasta dish in a group that's already a bottle or two in!

A Delightful Red

Wine Review

This Italian red has lovely fruit flavours and a velvety hint of spice which makes it incredibly easy drinking, it does however lack a bit of body which is surprising for a primitivo.

This red would enhance a rich tomato sauce wonderfully and makes an ideal accompaniment for pasta dishes. As its smoothness will even convince usually sceptical red wine drinkers this Italian is a perfect present to any dinner party and will definitely make it onto my wine rack, too.

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