Telegraph Station Cabernet Merlot

Telegraph Station Shiraz Cabarnet

From the Labe;

“This smooth red wine is a blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in South Eastern Australia. With flavours of black cherry and ripe blackcurrant, it is perfect with tomato based pasta dishes and grilled red meat.”

ABV 13.5%

A Light and Fruity New World Wine

Wine reviewer

Given the Success of the Telegraph Station Pinot Noir I felt compelled to try the Shiraz Cabernet blend and was not disappointed. Although far from what I expected, this is a light, sweet and fruity blend of grapes that don't really belong to either category. Clearly more Cabarnet that Shiraz but a delightful fruity wine that carries its alcohol well.

Fruity and sweet this is the definition of a cooking wine but one that would comfortably join an Italian dish on the table. Definitely one for gifting, unfortunately not one for storing. Overall well worth the investment

An Easy Drinking Red Wine

Wine Review

This fruity Australian red oddly meets neither the characteristics of a Cabernet nor a Shiraz and yet I am impressed. A lovely aroma of strawberry and raspberry is echoed in a palate of gentle berry and subtle vanilla. A wine for cooking certainly but this may be more of a starter wine given its surprising lack of body.

Well worth gifting particularly to a white wine enthusiast, or someone skeptical of the merits of Australian blending. Impressive, but not a wine that will age well but still earns a place on my wine rack is reserved for this bottle as it wont stay there long.

2 comments on “Telegraph Station Cabernet Merlot
  1. jordan shouns says:

    I was really pleasantly surprised by this, do you know if Telegraph Station offer any other varietals which are worth trying?

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