Telegraph Station Pinot Noir

Red Wine Review

From the Label

“This delicious Australian Pinot Noir is a fine example of the classic French grape at its best. Telegraph station Pinot Noir is a soft, warming red with flavours of raspberry, black cherry and just a hint of spice. It is the perfect accompaniment to pork, roast chicken and creamy cheeses.”

ABV 14%

A Delightful Red

Gabrielle Wine Reviewer

A brown rusty rim with pronounced nose of cherries and vanilla give way to a delicate and fruity Pinot Noir. Very light this is a wine to serve slightly chilled and it is well worth the time to properly aerate as the slightly sour initial impression vanishes leaving only the velvety soft finish.

As a Pinot Noir food pairings are somewhat ambitious as anything but the mildest taste will drastically overpower the subtle nuances of the wine so this is truly a stand alone wine. Not that this is a bad thing, a fantastic example of what old world grapes can achieve in new world climates! A Young wine to enjoy with friends I would gift it but not one I would rack.


A Wine for Sharing

Maria Wine Reviewer

The pronounced aroma of ripe cherries and a fresh clean nose give way to what is initially a bitter but enjoyable Pinot. I would struggle to pair this incredibly light wine with anything but seafood.

Given the price tag I'm not sure I would buy it again but i would certainly consider gifting it. Although it falls short of a spot on my wine rack that is mostly due t my preference for bolder reds. All in all a fine wine!


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