Yellow Tail Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Aromas: Fresh Citrus Fruit
Flavours: Passionfruit with a crisp refreshing finish
Enjoy: on a warm afternoon with freshly grilled fish

“For 3 generations the Casella family has been making Wine at their Winery in the small town of Yenda. It is Here that [yellow tail] is created with a simple purpose in mind; to make great wine that everyone can enjoy.

[yellow tail] is everything a great wine should be. It’s approachable, Fresh Flavoursome and has a Personality all of its own.”

ABV 12.5%

Seriously Fruity Wine

Gabrielle Wine Reviewer

An incredibly crisp and fruity white followed by a balanced creamy after taste. A seriously good wine I would serve with pan fried Chicken and grilled vegetables although its sweeter notes means it would also make a superb dessert wine so I wouldn't cook with it

Being a delacate medium bodied and very drinkable wine I would happily give this as a gift or take it to a dinner party. This earns a place in my wine rack.

A Versatile Wine

Sarah Wine Reviewer

A perfect pairing of the Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon grape varieties with a fresh and zesty citrus bottle of a distinctly Australian character. The soft Lemony palate with a peach and grapefruit nose make this a wine to serve at any stage in the meal. It would particularly compliment a fish starter, pair perfectly with roasted pepper and is still sweet enough to accompany dessert.

The perfect gift wine for anyone with a sweeter palette yet the nervy and vibrant Sauvingon Blanc in the blend still make it an exciting enough bottle to share. This one earns a spot on my rack!

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